May 17 2010


To borrow a term from the outstanding, last week was a complete miss, an empty frame, no points for me. Granted, I was felled by some thoroughly wicked food poisoning for the last part of the week, but that’s no excuse! If I had stuck to a Monday posting schedule, instead of waiting until the last minute, it wouldn’t have been a complete whiff. Anyway. Failure noted, moving forward.

You know what? Let’s get crazy. To atone for my lapse in productivity, we’re going to bump it up a level here. This week, I’ll be publishing a new game poem every day! (What? Are you insane?) Take that, sloth! (Seriously, people. He’s just not been feeling well.) Yeee-haw! (I’m going to make some more tea.)

On Friday, I managed to sit through the Spectacle, an improv and performance set at the Hideout Theatre here in Austin. The show consists of an opening troupe doing their thing, the headlining troupe, Parallelogramophonograph, doing their thing. In between the main acts is a five minute “Spectacular” (Big Poppa E, this week), and a “Spectator”, who watches the whole thing, and creates a piece of art based on the show. I was the Spectator this week, so we’ll be starting off today with a game poem based on the early works of noted pre-Victorian author Timothy Roberts.